If you’re looking for help setting up a will or living trust, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne Darrah.

Because estate planning is so intimate and personal, you need a lawyer who is both knowledgeable and caring. Jeanne is both. She gently and painlessly led my wife and I through the headache of creating a living trust. She knows the field cold and expertly guided us through all the complex decisions we had to make. She made it painless. It would have been impossible without her. We felt very, very comfortable working with her and will do so again without hesitation. We wholeheartedly recommend her for all and any estate planning needs.

Lawyers get a bad rap but Jeanne’s great!

Leander K. with 5 stars on Yelp

For many years my wife and I spoke of the need to do our estate planning but we never got around to the task. We thought off and on that we should prepare the documents ourselves using one of a number of available printed or online publications. The reality though for us and very likely for many others is that it is all to easy to put this off as it is a tough subject, with the double whammy of being both emotionally and technically difficult, and so it wouldn’t happen.
Jeanne Darrah has an excellent knowledge of the law and she had such a great understanding of the kinds of situations that we might want/need to consider, ones which might be significant to our particular situation. This is obviously such a deeply personal type of service, dealing with end of life planning in all it’s emotions and complexities and Jeanne gave us very reassuring guidance with expert advice. It feels very good get this on paper, knowing that the details are solid, and we rest assured knowing that if we should need to adapt our estate plan in the future not only is this perfectly do-able especially with the existing documents we now have from Jeanne, but we also have someone we trust to return to for help.

Couple in the Mission

We hired Jeanne Darrah this year to put together our Living Will and Trust and are very glad that we did. She was thorough explaining our choices and helping us plan a very personalized estate plan and end of life choices.
None of this is easy to think about but we felt so relieved when we were finished! Thanks to the legal help of Jeanne Darrah we feel relieved and prepared for anything.

DeAnna G. with 5 stars on Yelp

We are a couple in our late 30s with a 5 month-old baby in San Francisco.  We approached Jeanne to help us sort out our estate matters, including writing wills, setting up trusts, etc.  Jeanne was absolutely amazing!  Deeply knowledgable, professional, diligent and – for us perhaps most important of all – a kind, empathetic listener.  Unlike our previous experiences with lawyers, we found in Jeanne a true partner, someone we could really trust.  She invested lots of time and energy getting to know us better, understanding our needs and even helping us find agreement on difficult questions.  She was always approachable and willing to help.  We would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone in need for excellent, affordable and compassionate advice.

Phillip B. with 5 stars on Yelp